401K Matching – Are You Maximizing Your Company’s 401K Contribution?

Jun 6, 2022 | Whitepapers

If you work at a US company that has a 401k plan available to you, Congratulations.

If your company offers a match on your contributions, Congratulations again.

If you knew the answer to both of those two questions, you are probably participating in your plan and taking proactive steps towards your retirement goals. Good Job! What you might not know, is that you might be able to get MORE from your employer match than what you’re currently receiving, even if you’re already maxing out your annual contributions.

But how can you control how much your employer contributes? It’s a set matching contribution, right? That’s often correct, but that’s not the whole story.

How you contribute to your plan, can be just as impactful as how much you contribute. Download the Puzzle Wealth Solutions 401K Matching white paper and make sure you are maximizing your company’s annual 401K contribution.

Download the 401K Matching PDF

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