Meet the team

Assembling the Pieces

The Puzzle team is not only highly confident in taking on complex wealth management situations, they seek them out. Because of this mindset, we are able to look at the intricate facets of managing a business or practice and see how they all fit together to create a cohesive plan.

Team History

The Puzzle name may be new, but the team has a long history of creating solutions together. John and Karoline began working together in 1993. Back then they pioneered corporate executive services at Morgan Stanley including developing a structure for 10B5-1 Execution. Steve joined the team in 2001 and David the following year.

Even as they migrated firms, the team continued to bond with the belief that their services combined are much stronger together than apart.

Why Independence

Our transition to an independent practice allows us to further honor our commitment to providing sound advice within our advisory relationships with our clients. We are able to offer more with a level of transparency that only independent advisors can provide.

We will continue to partner with the brokerages that you’ve trusted over the years, as well as offer flexibility in custodians.

Meet the pieces helping you see
the bigger picture

John E. Klaas, Jr.

CEO & Founder

Karoline O’Connor

Senior Director, Business Development

Steven Connolly, CFP®

CIO, CCO & Controller

David Millington, CFP®, CEPA®

President & COO

Robert A. Davit, CIMA®

Managing Director

Kathleen Ann Miller

Director, Operations

Alexander William Klaas

Wealth Advisor

Christopher John Sagan, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Mark Gorman

Director, Trading

Nicholas Joseph Shealy


Allison Tregoning


Meet the pieces that make up the bigger picture

Our independent advisors are able to offer transparent advice to our clients with their needs in mind.