We’ll keep your money working for you after retirement, especially as you look toward exciting new adventures.

We’re passionate about bringing you solutions that work for you during your transition into retirement and well beyond it. Building on top of the solid foundation you’ve created throughout your career can open up a wealth of opportunities to help you get the most out of your retirement.

Keep the wealth you’ve accumulated working for you, and explore new financial horizons after you transition into retirement. We’ll help solve the new puzzles that may come up.

Special Services for Corporate Retirees

Investment strategies & management

We offer tailor-made solutions to keep your accumulated wealth working for you. We can take the guesswork out of your ongoing investments.


Ongoing solutions that fit you

Whether retirement is just on the horizon, you’re currently mid-transition, or you’re already retired, we’re able to offer ongoing solutions and guidance to help you keep the lifestyle you’ve worked towards.

Financial Planning

You hand us the puzzle, we’ll hand you solutions. We take a comprehensive approach to Financial Planning, helping you not only discover but also clearly define your financial goals. Along with probability-of-success scores for your goals we provide you with guidance and recommendations on how to work toward improving them.

Wealth Management

At Puzzle, we’re free to seek solutions all along the spectrum. In addition, our clients gain access to strategies of Toroso Asset Management. Because of this, we’re able to provide you with extended strategies for equities, fixed income, and alternative investments.

CPAs, Estate Planning, Attorneys & Insurance Solutions

We became independent because we value honest advice above everything else. If you already have a specialist you prefer, bring them to the table so we can collaborate on the best solutions for you. Our cloud-based vault for your important documents means we’re able to provide safe, secure access to all necessary parties.

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